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Darth Vader Gets a Makeover

Darth Vader is the number one reason that Star Wars is still resonant with the culture after damn near 40 years. Sure, when you're a kid you love Luke and Han is the man everyone likes when they go through their rebellious phase. But it's Darth Vader that captures your attention. It's Vader that keeps you awake at night when you're a little kid. It's Vader that everyone does impressions of and it's Vader that we quote constantly. Naturally, there are a ton of Darth Vader tattoos.

While we love each and every one that we see they can get a little bit stale. That's why we love this piece by Clara Sinclair. Clara takes the iconic black helmet of Vader and gives it a bit of a woman's touch. Honestly, we love the redecoration here. It's almost like Vader's mask merged with our grandmother's wallpaper. Instead of just looking evil Vader looks stylish here.... and evil. No one ever said that you can't look good while blowing up Alderaan.

Check out this tattoo and a whole hell of a lot more inspired from that galaxy far, far away here.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Sugar Skull" Stainless Steel Tea Spoon