It's All Roses for David Beckham


It's been a couple of weeks since we last saw the British football star, so it's high time that we hear about David Beckham adding another piece to his already extensive tattoo collection. In a picture shared by his wife, Victoria, we can grab a glimpse at the fresh rose tattoo on Beckham's neck.

Considering the placement of the new ink—the rose sits just above a tribute to Beckham's daughter that reads "Pretty Lady Harper"—we're guessing that this is the latest of multiple ink tributes Beckham has gotten for his family. In addition to this new tattoo the footballer has his son Brooklyn's name inked on his lower back, a portrait of Victoria on his forearm, Victoria's name in Sanskrit on his inner arm, cherubs representing his Brooklyn and his other son Romeo, script of his youngest son's name Cruz on his back and many more. In other words, when it comes to choosing tattoos Beckham almost always puts family first.

Victoria did not reveal the artist responsible for the new ink as she merely captioned it "Happy Friday x kisses from Los Angeles." Los Angeles, eh? This gives us a little bit of information that allows us to guess which artist inked the rose. When Beckham had the "Pretty Lady Harper" added a few months ago he shared it on Instagram with the following caption, "Hey Pretty Lady .... Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me... Thanks Mark as always looks amazing ... @shamrocksocialclub." So, if we had to make a guess, we're going to say that Mark Mahoney may very well be the one that added the rose to Beckham's collection. If we find out otherwise, or get confirmation, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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