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David Beckham Parties Like It's 1999 With His Newest Ink

David Beckham has had a lot of good years in his life, but we're guessing that none of them compare to 1999. The British footballer has chosen to remember the year in the best way possible—with a tattoo.

In 1999 Becks was in that golden zone where both his personal life and his career were hitting on all cylinders. On the pitch he was leading Manchester United to the greatest season in the club's history. The Red Devils won a treble that year (three titles—The Champions League, The FA Cup and the Premier League), a feat that had never been accomplished by a British team. Things were even better for Beckham in his personal life; 1999 is the year that he married Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams.

You would think that accomplishing a first for one of the most storied sports franchises in the world and marrying the love of his life would be more than enough to make the year memorable. It turns out that there were more good things to come as the Beckhams welcomed their first child, Brooklyn, into the world that March.

It's clear that 1999 was a year that Beckham would never forget even without the tattoo, but we still think the ink is quite fitting. In the gallery below you can get a good look at the tattoo as well as some more pictures of England's favorite son.