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Deadly Veil

Today's skull of the day is this remarkable piece by Carlos Torres. Torres is a true master of black and grey and has created some of the most well-recognized large scale pieces in the industry. It's not often that you get to see Torres scale back to something smaller, like today's pick, but he will always deliver the quality, thoughtful design, and unique approach to any of his pieces, regardless of size.

For today's pick we get to look at a semi-blindfolded skull, or at least one who is covered in some sort of veil. The wispy flow of the veil over the skull's eyes transitions beautifully into the swirled filigree that round the overall piece out, but still highlight the presence of the skull.

By adding such dark black and greys to the bottom half of the skull, Torres did an incredible job of spreading the focal point upwards to the blindfolded eyes by embellishing the top half of the piece overall. Nothing feels weighted with this design, just solidly balanced. We also greatly enjoy the lack of teeth in this particular skull. Skulls aren't often depicted that way, but the black used to render the teeth's absence is another subtle, yet important, detail that helps ensure this piece is both balanced but not over embellished. Torres' keen eye for black and grey shading and placement is guaranteed to keep this tattoo looking bright and beautiful for years to come!

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 Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Doomed Skull" Shot Glass