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Demi Lovato and Tattoo Artist Beefing on Social Media

Three weeks ago, teen pop queen Demi Lovato made news when she got a new rose tattoo to cover up the lips that were tattooed on her wrist. When she posted an Instagram of the new tattoo, she included “#RIPvaginatattoo” in the caption. What was most likely an attempt at a little light-hearted self-deprecation—because, after all, that lip tattoo did look a bit like the lower set—unfortunately resulted in insulting the original tattoo artist, Ink Master season four contestant Ashley McMullen (formerly Ashley Bennett).

McMullen took her reaction to Instagram by commenting on Lovato’s post of the cover up [see the screenshots below], stating that Lovato asked for that tattoo specifically and didn’t even offer to pay for it. Oh yeah, and according to McMullen, Lovato “pissed all over our toilet seat” and made a fool of herself. Some extra jabs were thrown with “#claimstobesober” and “#drankallthebeer.”

In what I suppose is the natural evolution of social media beef, Lovato responded on Twitter in an emoji-only tweet that included lips, beer, water drops, a toilet and a few other symbols. Scroll through the gallery below to see the tweet.

Despite the fact that McMullen told Lovato in another comment that “Talking trash makes you look bad, girl,” she also said, “I’ll be posting my story until I get an apology." She then complained that Lovato "never even gave me a shout out after I dealt with your drunk ass.” So whether it’s more long rants from a tattoo artist who has admitted to tattooing a drunk girl, or emoji code from a pop star taking the high road, this drama might not be over.

Flip through the gallery below to see Lovato's tattoo and to watch the drama unfold.