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Demi Lovato’s Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Check Out Demi Lovato’s Sweet New Dreamcatcher Tattoo


Just one month after debuting a tiny tattoo of a smiley face inked on her pinkie finger, Demi Lovato jumped to the opposite end of the tattoo spectrum, revealing a gigantic dreamcatcher tattoo on her ribcage, an addition to the “you make me beautiful” piece the singer had inked on her right side as a teenager.

On the evening of September 5, Demi Lovato took to Snapchat and Instagram stories to document her mammoth tattoo session with Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, the celebrity tattoo artist who counts among his A-list clients, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Drake. In the photos and videos, Demi reveals a brand-new dreamcatcher tattoo on her right ribcage, joining the 24-year-old’s “you make me beautiful” feathers tattoo, originally done way back before Demi was even legal. According to the singer, “you make me beautiful” comes from her favorite Bethany Dillon song, “Beautiful,” a touching track about love, faith and self-worth that Demi says changed her life.

The updated design of Demi Lovato’s ribcage tattoo features a large dreamcatcher image inked around the original “you make me beautiful” lyrics, with intricate bead detailing and three small feathers rounding out the fresh ink, a design that is only slightly different from Miley Cyrus’ dreamcatcher tattoo, which is located in the exact same spot on her ribcage.

Demi has yet to reveal the significance of her new side tattoo, but, according to Miley, the feathers in her own dreamcatcher ink represent her four siblings and are meant to keep them safe. Following the productive tattoo session with Bang Bang, Demi took to Twitter to ask her 38 million followers, “Why is the feeling of getting tattooed so addicting?!”

In addition to updating her “you make me beautiful” ribcage tattoo, Demi also had Bang Bang touch up the black and gray roses tat on her left forearm, a much-needed cover-up job that, when it was first done, caused quite a bit of controversy for the pop star. Originally a single rose and stem, Demi’s forearm tattoo was inked overtop of the strange lip print design she had done in the back of a tour bus at the Warped Tour in 2011. According to Demi, her old wrist tattoo, modeled after gal pal Ivey Ensley’s pout, looked more like a vagina than a pair of lips, a comparison that tattoo artist Ashley McMullen was less than happy to hear about.

demi lovato roses wrist tattoo
demi lovato dreamcatcher ribcage tattoo2
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demi lovato dreamcatcher ribcage tattoo

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