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Insane Face Painting Transformations

krysti allen face paint

This girl paints her hand and face to look like an insane....well, you'll see. Check out the video below to see one of her makeup transformations and then marvel at her best work in the following photos

Denver-based artist and cosmetologist Krysti Ellen does face painting like we've never seen before. And she does it all on herself. No models, no mannequins, no canvases. All Krysti. It's clear she has a thirst for horror as the jaws and mouths on her painted characters often have sharp yellow vampire-esque teeth—which we love. Each character is different than the last, from nautical stripes and sprinkled doughnuts to bloody zombies and slithery snake scales, her work is jaw dropping. Wishing you could do my Halloween 2016 makeup, girl. Check out her insane skills below.

P.S. Even her hair is on point.