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Diablo Rose Shares Her Beauty Tips

Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with Diablo Rose, the vintage hair and make up guru from Le Keux Vintage Salon and Le Keux Cosmetics in the UK.

How could we not? Aside from her admirable altruistic work, let’s face it, we are in AWE of her hair. We needed to know exactly how Diablo always looks so fantastic, and thankfully she was willing to share some of her secrets.

Diablo's Pinup Shoot Tips: 

Inked: How do you prepare for a shoot?
I think as the majority of my shoots are based around a good hairdo I'll usually top up my hair colors and maybe add in some more colors, then prep my hair extensions and pieces so I've got fun options to create something fun on the day! 

What three things do you bring to every shoot?
Tons of hair pieces and accessories, even more hairspray and moisturizer.

Your favorite music to listen to while shooting?
I'm happy to listen to anything really, I'm not super confident at shooting so usually something with a bit of female power and fun to relax and get the shoot started with some fun!

Your hair always looks amazing, what advice do you have to keep your hair in tip-top shape?
Thank you! I religiously use deep conditioners and heat protecters to help my "highly styled" hair. I try to avoid using heat tools everyday and always wash out heavy backcombing! Oh and after a few mishaps over the years I always leave the bleaching to the professionals!

Make sure to visit her blog to get the scoop on how she gets her beautiful colors and more at this link.