Did Dr. Phil Get a Sleeve of Tattoos?


Is the TV Host Hiding Major Ink?

When it comes to present-day late-night television, Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert, Conan, Meyers, Oliver and Corden are the top dogs. And while each show creates innovative and entertaining content every week, this past week, Corden stole the show. During an episode, which premiered on September 13th, Corden hosts a handful of celebrity guests including Mel B, Olivia Munn, and Good Charlotte. However, the real star of this episode's show was none other than Dr. Phil. That's right, the king of syndicated family drama made a huge impact on the late night crowd with an unexpected and energetic performance. Take a look at the gallery below to see his musical debut and tattoo reveal, then let us know what you think about his rock-n-roll makeover in the comments section on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.16.48 AM

Watch the Video

Take a look at the full video here and let us know what you think of McGraw's musical talents in the comments section on Facebook.