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Did President Trump Share Photo With Biker Who Has Racist Ink?


Is This the Real Deal?

Although the United States can be proud of many great accomplishments, this country has also had some serious missteps. The first thing that comes to mind, slavery, is obviously a huge blemish on American history and black Americans have continued to suffer the consequences of it for centuries. Another horrific event that has continued to plague citizens to this day is the resurgence of neo-nazis and white power groups. We've seen the destruction that these movements can cause, for instance, the murder that occurred at Charlottesville, and it's expected that the President would condemn acts of hate. However, President Trump has ambiguous about his stance on white power groups and many of his biggest supporters continue to represent a bigoted ideology. Take a look at the gallery below to see what happened when the internet suspected that Trump invited bikers with visible nazi tattoos to his golf course and let us know what you think about this controversial event in the comments section on Facebook.