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This Die-Hard Bachelor Fan Got a Tattoo of Lace Morris' Face

During The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” episode that aired on March 7, former contestant, Lace Morris, got the surprise of her life when a man from the audience came forward to show off his tattoo…of her face. As Lace is chatting with host Chris Harrison about her love life, and how she has grown since being on the show, an audience member jumps up from his seat and says, “You are crazy. But you’re crazy beautiful. I don’t want to seem crazy myself, but I have to show you this one thing.” And as we are all holding our breath for fear of a spontaneous proposal from a perfect stranger, the man proceeds to pull up his shirt and reveal a Lace portrait tattoo on his side.

Each Bachelor reunion show, Chris Harrison has a chat with the contestants that caused a stir during the previous season, and Lace was an obvious choice, as she pulled some pretty nutty stunts on the show before deciding to send herself home early to “work on herself” and learn to love herself. If only she could learn to love herself as much as this tattooed stranger apparently does. Speaking of the tribute tattoo, Lace posted a picture of the big reveal on Instagram, captioning the snap: “The first man to tattoo my face on his body #awkward.”

The face that launched at least one tattoo.

The face that launched at least one tattoo.

The whole thing really was a bit awkward, especially when the die-hard Lace fan took his shirt off altogether and asked for a selfie with the former Bachelor contestant, but Lace played along and even blew the man a kiss before agreeing to a photo. That could be because Lace has at least one tattoo of her own, which she says means you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else. As she explained to Chris Harrison, “whoever puts the ring on my finger, I feel like I have to truly love myself before they can do that.” Unfortunately, as Lace says, she isn’t quite there yet.

If you’re as big a fan of Lace as this tattooed dude obviously is, you’ll be happy to hear that she will be joining Bachelor in Paradise season three this summer, as confirmed by creator Mike Fleiss at the 2016 Winter TCA Press Tour in January. Since the “Women Tell All” episode aired earlier this week, there has been some speculation that the audience member’s Lace portrait tattoo may not actually be real. For his sake, we hope it’s not, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was some publicity stunt dreamed up by the Bachelor people, but either way, it made for good TV!

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