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These Dinosaur Tattoos Will Get You Ready for 'Jurassic World'

The much anticipated Jurassic World hits theaters this upcoming weekend and we couldn't be more excited. Remember how amazing Jurassic Park was? Well, that was before we had any of the amazing CGI capabilities that we have now, the dinosaurs in this movie are going to look jaw-droppingly realistic. While we love Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum they aren't exactly the prime candidates for action stars, are they? Something tells me that Chris Pratt (or as I always call him, Burt Macklin, FBI) will be the hero we've always wanted in this role.

But, who are we kidding, the actors aren't the stars in the Jurassic Park movies, the dinosaurs are. So you shouldn't be surprised that the majority of tattoos we found that were related to the franchise were of the infamous raptors. But, we threw in some other rad dinosaur tattoos that will still get you in the mood for the movie.

Dinosaurs may have vanished from the Earth 65 million years ago but they definitely still have a huge place in our hearts, minds and ink.