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Disappointed Seahawks Fan Takes Sandpaper to Tattoo

Last week we told you all about OC—a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan who chose to get a tattoo proclaiming his beloved team "Back-to-Back" Super Bowl champions back in December. While we tip our hat to OC for the bravado it took to get the tattoo, especially considering he is simply a fan and would have no actual input into the team's outcome, he has to be feeling pretty foolish right about now. In fact, he has already tried to have the tattoo removed.... with sandpaper (see video below).

All jokes aside, OC says that he is planning on keeping the tattoo even though his beloved team fell short of making him a prophet. While OC may not have had the best idea when he got the tattoo he certainly is taking the whole thing extraordinarily well. It's hard to imagine what kind of mindset OC must have been in as the game unfolded in the fourth quarter—it must have been an emotional roller coaster as he watched his team go from being on the precipice of victory to being shell-shocked after coming only one yard short. Oh wait, we don't have to wonder, OC live tweeted the entire experience here. We hope that he doesn't actually end up moving to Alaska out of tattoo shame.

OC now finds himself part of a growing fraternity of people who have tried to use a tattoo to urge their teams on to victory only to find themselves with a ridiculous piece of ink that they are stuck with for the rest of their days. Hopefully the heartbreak of his team's loss will be tempered a little bit by the funny story and 15 minutes of fame that came along with the risky ink. We'll check back in next year to see if OC has any more Super Bowl predictions.

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