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Disney Princesses Are Replacing Hollywood's Biggest Stars

There is an Instagram artist out there beheading celebrities and replacing their precious powdered faces with that of Disney princesses. (Relax, he's not actually beheading anybody, just cutting their heads off in Photoshop.) Photographer and illustrator Gregory Masouras, 23, began a dope personal project, #AnimationInReality, in 2012 that puts Disney's most prized people on the covers of magazines (Vogue, GQ, Time) and on all the fine red carpets. To put it simply, instead of Kim Kardashian on the cover of GQ, it's Princess Jasmine—still the same cover, just a different face. Cinderella also replaces Taylor Swift at the Met Gala, and Marge Simpson (basically a Disney princess) acts as Sia. Masouras, based in Athens, Greece, also kept the ink on tattooed celebs *cough* Ruby Rose *cough*. His pairings are not totally random—Pocahontas would definitely wear Rihanna's 9 TO 5 Denim Thigh-High boots IRL, don't you think?

The artist is a host to more than 100,000 Instagram followers, where he shares clever new work all the time. Check out some of our favorites from #AnimationInReality below.