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Disney & Vans Release Young at Heart Collection

If all of the classic Disney characters and your favorite sneaker brand had a little rendezvous, the Young at Heart collection would be their love child. It is their creation; Vans and Disney launched the fantastic fashion collaboration worldwide today (get ready to spend your new paycheck). Based on Mickey’s ever lasting love for his boo Minnie, we know he and the magical brand take their romances very seriously, so clearly the two trademarks had more than a one night stand when this collection was conceived. At that, we’re very glad.

Disney fanatic or not, you have to admit this collection is badass. It isn’t the touristy T-shirt souvenirs that you screamed for as a child until your parents caved, it’s the same old Vans vibe we know and love twisted with the most famous characters of all time. Inked’s web editor, equally as smooth as Mickey Mouse, says, “I’m not much of a Disney guy, but those Donald Duck high tops are pretty cool.” Way cool. Mr. Duck and the rest of the gang are plastered across a number of merchandise, including backpacks, crewnecks, the Classic Patch Trucker Hat (see photo 3), socks, hoodies and tees, and all of Vans original footwear styles.

Young at Heart is made for people from toddlers to teens and grown-ups alike–that’s the point! The collab is dedicated to those who are young at heart and never stop following their dreams. It's hard to pick a favorite, especially since the Princesses are also available. Consider me a walking billboard for Young at Heart this summer. I'm a big kid and proud. Check out some of our favorites from the dynamite collection below.