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DIY: Hair Tapestry Is All The Rage

Push the pastel hair dye aside, hair tapestry is taking over. A few weeks ago, the world went color-crazy as ladies dyed their hair to match that of the rainbow (even Alysha Nett partook in the trend). Before that, it was the blue, pink or purple ombre people obsessed over. As of late, fashionistas(?) have reinvented the hair wrap. Remember that? Talk about a throwback.

Hair tapestry is the latest and greatest alternative hairstyle weaving its way into hair–literally. The style is achieved by "knitting" your string of choice into the selected section of locks, and can be done in such a way to create a cool pattern or full blown illustration. Want to take a stab at it? Watch the video below courtesy of to do it yourself and check out the gallery of awesome hair tapestries that follow.