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Do Ozzy and Black Sabbath Have the Hearts of Angels?

The Demons Give to Charity!

Let’s take a quick look at the infamous past at one of the world’s most notorious and successful heavy metal bands of all time. With a lead singer who was once deemed to be the devil incarnate by the press and millions of parents of teenage boys, Black Sabbath tore their way through the 70’s and 80’s “poisoning the hearts, minds and souls” of rock music lovers around the globe.

Black Sabbath started out in Birmingham, England of 1968, when guitarist and main songwriter Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ozzy Osbourne came together. However, they weren’t called Black Sabbath, the went under the name Polka Tulk Blues Band. They played bluesy rock and after a few line-up changes they renamed themselves Earth, but they soon broke up and reformed in 1969 as Black Sabbath — named after the film Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff. This is when they began incorporating occult themes with horror-inspired lyrics and tuned-down guitars. The band's first show as Black Sabbath took place on 30 August 1969, in Workington.

Success followed with a string of well received albums including Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Master of Reality and Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath. However, Ozzy’s regular use of alcohol and other drugs led to his dismissal from the band in 1979. He was replaced by former Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio . Ozzy pursued a solo career through the 80’s and most of the 90’s but the original line-up reunited with Osbourne in 1997 and released a live album Reunion.

Okay enough rock history let’s talk about all the dirty deeds. We’re going to pair up an infamous Ozzy escapade with a charity that Ozzy himself or Black Sabbath are major contributors to. The good and bad of BS!