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Doctor Dan the Pancake Man

It was always looked down upon to play with our food as children, but for people such as Nathan Shields and Daniel Drake, it is now being praised. Both of these men love to play with their breakfast foods but only Daniel Drake is known to be the first professional pancake artist. He goes by the name 'Doctor Dan the Pancake Man' and his work speaks for itself. Years ago, he worked as a fry cook during the day, spontaneously playing with his food to create silly faces and odd shapes. With time and practice, his pancake cooking skills went from mouth watering, buttery goodness to jaw dropping, flap jacks of art. From celebrity portraits to cartoon characters, he can create a pancake to look like anything and anybody, including yourself. Mr. Drake currently works at Corvid’s Café in South St. Louis but also rents out his time for special events and occasions. Seriously, who wouldn't want a professional pancake artist at their party?! You can check out the gallery below filled with his beautiful breakfast art.

Find more of Daniel Drake's Pancake art at his Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact him through his website and maybe even hire him for your next big party.