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Doctors Find 5-Foot Long "Monster" in California Man

How a Sushi Dinner Went Horribly WRONG

If you're a fan of sushi, then this story is definitely a cautionary tale. This past week, after enjoying a sushi dinner, a man from Fresno, California went to the emergency room after experiencing diarrhea. He told doctors that he wanted to be tested for worms and they were initially skeptical of his request. However, once they were shocked when they saw the disgusting proof.


After examining a roll of toilet paper, the doctor realized that this man was infected with a tapeworm that was over 5-and a half-feet long. At the time, the patient said he could feel the worm 'wiggling out' and the worm was still moving as the doctors began to remove it.


The man was relieved to have the worm removed and he is currently being treated with medicine to clear the rest of his body of the parasite. He says that he will be avoiding salmon from now on, which likely caused the problem.


Here are 10 things that you wish you didn't know about tapeworms

1. Each worm has male and female sex characteristics for reproduction

2. Tapeworms are most common in areas where soil and drinking water are contaminated by fecal matter

3. In the United States, beef is the meat most likely to transfer a tapeworm to a human host

4. In Asia and Canada, pike is the most common fish to transfer a tapeworm to a human host

5. Tapeworms can also be spread to humans through dogs or cats

6. Tapeworm consumption often causes abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and weight-loss

7. The presence of tapeworms on clothing or in feces is the most common way they're discovered by the host

8. The largest tapeworms are over 100 feet long and can be found in whales

9. Tapeworm eggs were found in fossilized poop from a 270-million year old shark

10. In 2013, a man from Bolivia got cancer tumors after a tapeworm with cancer cells infected his body