Don Ed Hardy's Son to Compete on Ink Master: Angels


Will the Tattooer Live Up to His Legacy?

When you hear the words "Tattoo History," several big names come to mind including Sailor Jerry Collins, Horiyoshi, even Kat Von D. However, if you were to ask anyone which artist had the greatest influence on modern tattooing, they would likely name Don Ed Hardy without hesitation. Don Ed Hardy is an American tattooist who changed the tattoo industry forever, taking after his mentor Sailor Jerry Collins and bringing Eastern tattoo techniques to the Western world. His legacy can be seen throughout various facets of the industry—from techniques to apparel, however, his tattooing is also carried on by someone much closer to home.

Don Ed Hardy's son, Doug Hardy, is a tattooer with 25-years of experience in the industry and next Tuesday, we will be competing on Ink Master: Angels for a spot on Ink Master season 10. Will he live up to his namesake and join the season 10 competition? Stay tuned to learn more.


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