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Celebrate Donald Duck's 82nd Birthday with 12 Clever Tattoos

Celebrate Donald Duck's 82nd birthday with 12 clever Disney-inspired tattoos. Tattoo #6 is a major throwback!

Let's face it: Donald Duck is getting old. June 9, 2016 marks his 82nd birthday but luckily for him, he is a Disney character and not a human. Thus, he doesn't look a day over 25 and probably will live forever. Yay! If only we could all be Disney characters. The short-tempered duck made his debut in The Wise Little Hen in 1934as a supporting role, capturing the hearts of fans around the country. People needed more of Mr. Duck and so he became the star he is today.

It wasn't long before he and Mickey Mouse were BFFs—in the 1940s he appeared in more films than Mickey but that didn't deter their friendship. Remember when the two of them ran a night club, House of Mouse, in 2001 and partied hard until 2003? Good times. Of course you know of his one true love, Daisy Duck. Like a true mate, she doesn't tolerate his outbursts and it is clear Donald would be troubled without her by his side. Below, check out tattoos of the legendary Donald Duck and a few tattoos of his pals Mickey and Daisy.

Happy Birthday, Donald Duck!