Don't Breathe!

Don't Breathe Movie Review

Don't Breathe Movie Review

Fede Alvarez, who directed the worthy Evil Dead remake returns with the stylish thriller Don't Breathe which centers around three friends who all have a talent in thievery. After hearing a tip about blind man who is loaded with money and lives in a desolate part of town, the trio decides to commit the perfect and seemingly easy heist. But this not-so-helpless blind man is loaded with more than just money—he’s loaded with guns and ammo and other skills and secrets we dare not reveal. When the lights go out, things get really intense as the blind man gains the upper hand and stalks our trapped thieves in a pitch black, labyrinthine environment he knows best. It becomes a literal match of blind cat and mouse. Loaded with scares, thrills and twists, this is an edge of your seat thriller that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud.