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Drake Gets Flaming Skull Tattoo

Drake Gets New “Unruly” Flaming Skull Tattoo on His Arm

Most people who get tattooed aim for ink that has a deep personal meaning to them, and Drake is no exception. The Canadian rapper has nearly two dozen tattoos scattered across his body, many of which are dedicated to the people and places he holds close to his heart (i.e. his family members and everything Toronto), and on Future’s new single “Used to This,” Drake even raps, “Tatted on me but this shit is deeper than the surface,” so you know he means it. Drake has even gone under the needle for tattoos dedicated to other artists that inspire his work, and his latest is a flaming skull tattoo that appears to pay homage to Jamaican dancehall star, Popcaan.

Drake’s new tattoo was revealed on November 10, by celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, who posted a photo of the fresh ink on his Instagram account, along with the caption, “Hot skulllll for the Boy @champagnepapi.” In the black and white photo, Drake poses with a new tattoo on the upper part of his left arm, featuring a small image of a grinning skull with flames shooting out of its head. Below the flaming skull is the word “unruly” in lowercase letters. Drake’s arm tattoo is located adjacent to the “bbk” shoulder tattoo the rapper had done in October 2015, as a tribute to London grime group Boy Better Know.

At first glance, Drake’s arm tattoo may seem like a commentary on his own image as a rapper who plays by his own rules, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that “Unruly” is actually the name of the new hit single from Popcaan, a Jamaican dancehall star who worked with Drake on the first version of the Views single “Controlla.” Popcaan also starred in Drake’s short film “Please Forgive Me,” and last month, after debuting four of his own songs, Drake debuted Popcaan’s “Unruly” during his OVO Sound Radio birthday set.

Drake may be happy with his new flaming skull tattoo, but his followers on Twitter are less than impressed with the Dr. Woo special, which one likened to a “permanent 25 cent tattoo,” and another a “Myrtle Beach spring break discount tattoo.” Regardless of what his fans think of his tattoo though, we’re certain there’s at least one person who loves the “unruly” ink: Popcaan. He returned the favor by getting an OVO owl tattoo on his arm as a tribute to Drake.