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Drake's New Tattoo Honors a Fellow Artist

It seems like every day another celebrity has posted pictures of a brand new tattoo that we all go gaga over. The latest to do so was Canada's favorite rapper Drake as he unveiled some fresh ink on UK artist Skepta's Instagram profile. The tattoo reads BBK and represents Skepta's recording label Boy Better Knownand according to the caption "More than music. OVO BBK family for life", it represents an alliance between BBK and Drake's record label October's Very Own. Talk about solidifying an alliance! In the past, Drake credits Skepta and BBK as a huge influence for his music and back in July the Canadian rapper made the friendship public when he invited Skepta on stage during his performance at the Wireless Festival in London. Drake has also borrowed lines from some of Skepta's songs in his track "Used To." Although OVO and BBK are yet to release an official collaboration, this tattoo is a huge indication that the labels have some big plans in the works.

Although the artist behind the ink has not been stated, based on Drake's recent tattoo history, celebrity artist Dr. Woo may be the mastermind. Just last week Drake showed off a new flash of ink on his forearm, the praying hands emoji to "level up" an existing 6 tattoo that pays tribute to his home turf of Toronto. And while Drake may not be the most tattooed artist in the world of hip hop, he is clearly choosy for only getting tattoos that he holds close to his heart. BBK holds a spot in Drake's collection of tattoos which include portraits of his close family members, his home city of Toronto, and the late artist Aaliyah, which seems to indicate that OVO and BBK fans have something very special to look forward to.