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The Dress Will Live Forever Thanks to This Tattoo

For most people "The Dress" followed the same script that all other viral sensations have. At first you are a little confused about what everyone on your social media feed is talking about. Then you are enthralled and form a very strong opinion about the sensation. This is followed by annoyance and finally the sensation disappears from your memory entirely. This tends to happen all within 48-72 hours. Unlike the rest of us Daniel Howland, a professional piercer from Texas, will never forget the dress since it is permanently inked into his skin.

Howland had his friend and tattoo artist Nick York tattoo an image of the infamous dress in blue and black ink on Saturday. And yes, before there is any debate about this, that IS blue and black ink in the tattoo. Script around the dress saying "White and gold?" references the debate that drove the internet out of its mind. While most people clearly see the dress one way or another and stick to their guns over their opinion, Howland's opinion changed over time.

"I saw the dress as white and gold for a brief time while I was drinking," Howland told the Daily Mail. "But then I looked at it again and it was definitely blue and black. Either people really love it, or they think I'm a complete tool."

Among the many tattoos that Howland has this is far from the first one with a bit of humor behind it; he has a fly tattooed on his eyelid, for example. As pictures of his new tattoo were spread on Instagram people sounded off much in the same way that they did about the dress. Some people loved it, other people hated it, but everybody seemed to have an opinion. We'll check in with Howland after the next viral sensation to see if he gets another tattoo tribute.

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