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Drink No Evil

One time I was sipping on a nice pint of the black stuff (that means stout for those of you who don't live half their lives in bars) and thinking about the "No Evil" monkeys and how they can apply to a night of drinking. The only problem with my inebriated pondering that night was that I was drinking out of the wrong glass. I should have been using the "No Evil" Pint Glass by Inked, today's InkedShop Product of the Day.

This stylish looking pint glass features three skulls on top of each other in the familiar pose with their eyes, ears, and mouth covered. This skeletal version of the popular image was designed especially for these limit edition glasses by tattoo artist Ozzie Perez. It should go without saying but this pint glass holds 16 oz. of your favorite beverage, in other words it's a full pint. More and more sneaky bartenders try and tell you something is a "pint" glass when it only holds 14 oz. or less, but not us. The InkedShop is looking out for you.

I almost forgot, my "No Evil" theory. You can think of each skeleton from the "No Evil" Pint Glass by Inked as symbolizing a different period of your drunken evening. The top skeleton has its eyes covering symbolizing all of the embarrassing things that you may have done, the things that you wish that nobody saw. A good example would be any time that I get within 40 feet of a dance floor. The next skeleton has its ears covered symbolizing all of the silly things that you likely said and you wish that nobody heard them. Usually this involves "feelings" or "karaoke." The last one has his mouth closes. The symbolism on this can be twofold: it is either hoping that my friends have tight lips and don't speak about any of the events of the night or it could be the gesture I make when thinking about drinking again.

But, if you have an especially rough night don't worry, you don't need to be drinking booze out of the "No Evil" Pint Glass by Inked. Hell, it probably looks coolest with clear refreshing water so the awesome art by Ozzie Perez can be fully on display. You can pick up the "No Evil' Pint Glass at INKEDSHOP.COM today!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "No Evil" Pint Glass by Inked

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "No Evil" Pint Glass by Inked