Durb Morrison's Semicolon Tattoo Benefit


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This past weekend Durb Morrison and the crew at his RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, held a "Semicolon Tattoo Benefit Day." Hundreds of collectors and supporters came to RedTree Tattoo Gallery over the weekend for a quick, fun semicolon tattoo to show their support for others suffering from depression and addiction, as well as to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention. RedTree had some nice flash designs available and people brought in their own semicolon designs as well!

An eager crowd awaits their tattoos.

An eager crowd awaits their tattoos.

The moving meaning behind the “Semicolon Tattoo” is that this particular punctuation is used when someone could’ve chosen to end their sentence (or life), but chose not to. RedTree Tattoo Gallery has always had great events at their studio and this one brought many people together to share their stories, create new friendships and help others with similar issues. Be sure to check out the excellent crew at RedTree by visiting their website and learn more about the Semicolon Project here. In the gallery below you can see everything that happened during the amazing event that produced over 150 tattoos and raised close to $5,000 for charity! And if you want to see more semicolon tattoos don't forget to check out this gallery.