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Happy Earth Day! Here's 16 Earthworm Tattoos

Take a look at these 16 squiggly wiggly earthworm tattoos, photo #12 features Hollywood's most famous worm of all!

A few good uses for worms: Fishing, bird feeding, the world's most boring pet. We humans make sure worms live pretty rough lives, eh? We hook 'em, we bait 'em, daredevils even eat 'em. To honor the tortured worms of yesterday, folks got tattoos of the squiggly little guys. Some feature bookworms, others feature the Labyrinth worm or worms busting out of peaches. Some are too real for comfort while some are too cute for words. We even found a worm bathing in mezcal. Check it out.

P.S. If you're looking for a clever filler tattoo, a worm is ideal—it can be twisted and turned to fill the tiniest of spaces.