"Eating Out" Photo to Cost Female Rapper $5 Million!


The Low-down on the Go-down

Album covers are notorious for pushing the envelope, whether it be for salacious imagery or inflammatory text and graphics. And no genre of music is "innocent" from committing this act of marketing madness. Well, country music may earn a “get out jail free” card on this. We searched for hours looking for something in the country music genre that could be considered sexy, and unless you find a weird looking dude wearing a cowboy hat or a chick in a big frilly dress sexy, you are out of luck. Wait, don't get all upset, we're just kidding. There are plenty of sexy country music album covers...we just couldn't find them. Again, just kidding.

Okay, let’s get to the album cover at hand. It appears the marketing team behind rapper Cardi B had an oral-sex(y) concept for her latest drop, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1.


Photo via the coil