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Check Out Ed Sheeran's Massive Lion Tattoo

Ed Sheeran, the ginger headed pop star adored by every teenage girl in the western world, recently revealed on his Instagram that he has added some impressive new ink in the form of an enormous lion on his chest. According to Sheeran's post, tattoo artist Kevin Paul still has a bit of work to go before the gorgeous king of the jungle is finished. Even if there is work to be done we have to say that it looks pretty badass.

Sheeran turns to his pal Paul for most of his ink, including the Pingu the Penguin that he had tattooed a few months back alongside One Direction's Harry Styles. During that tattoo session Sheeran also gave a tiny little tattoo to his buddy. Once again Sheeran has taking the machine and tried his hand out at tattooing, this time on Paul. In a video posted atThe Daily Mailyou can watch the musician tattoo a guitar on to Paul. Since he's struggling so much in his current career—anyone can sell out Wembley Stadium for multiple dates—maybe Sheeran is looking at other career options.

At first we were hoping that the tattoo was a memorial to the world's most famous lion, Cecil. No such luck, it turns out that the tattoo is supposed to be a tribute to England's national football (that means soccer) team. Their home stadium is.... you guessed it, Wembley Stadium. Seems like a nice way for Sheeran to commemorate those shows.

Now, we don't want to nitpick here, but if the tattoo is actually a tribute to the football team there better be two more lions showing up somewhere since the team is nicknamed "the Three Lions." Maybe he'll add the other two lions once his national team brings home the World Cup. Let's hope Paul hasn't retired by then.