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Elf On The Shelf Being Inappropriate

Christmas is in the air! Carols are being sung, bells are being rung and the abominable toy that is Elf on the Shelf is creeping his way out of the shadows and into your lives. In case you didn’t already know, the origin of this elf is relatively innocent. From the same-named 2005 picture book, certain "scout elves" hide in your house so they can report to Santa who’s naughty and nice, and change their hiding spot every night. And while you can’t touch the elf, when you find him you can tell him your Christmas wishes to relay to Santa.

As the story gained popularity, these elves became a toy for parents to move around the house each night so the children know that Santa is always watching. It seems harmless enough, but you have to admit he looks pretty damn creepy and the fact he’s simply lurking in your house for a month doesn’t help ease that unsettled feeling. One glance into his beady little eyes and you realize he’s up to something more sinister than Christmas wishes.

The photos gathered below show the darker side to Elf on the Shelf, as he’s caught in acts that would definitely land him on the naughty list!