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The Emoji Movie Is Out This Weekend. What Does Your Emoji Tattoo Say About You?

Mobile communications company Swiftkey recently released their "Emoji Report." After they studied over one billion pieces of Android and iOS data from 16 different languages and regions, some interesting facts have been revealed about localized emoji use. Some stats are more surprising than others. If you've been thinking of following in the famous footsteps of people like Miley Cyrus, Atlanta Hawk Mike Scott, and Drake by getting an emoji tattoo, you should take a look at the study and check out the emoji tattoo photos below.

Here are some conclusions that Swiftkey drew.

French truly is the language of love. French speakers use four times as many heart emoji than any other languages. It’s the only language in which the smiley category is not ranked #1. It may not surprise you that Australians use double the average amount of alcohol-themed emoji, but they are also the leading users of junk food emoji, and they use 65% more drug emoji than the average. The study says that some may consider the money, raunchy, violent, and sports categories to be more American, but Canadians use those the most. America leads in skulls and birthday cake. Sure, that makes sense. We also lead in the LGBT, fire, tech, and female-oriented categories. Oh yeah, and meat, America owns the meat category, baby!

Turkey is the apparently the happiest place on earth. They’re using the most happy faces. Spain only led in the party category. Do you need anything else? Brazilian Portugese speakers led in cats. Sorry, America.

One thing is clear, America: We need to step up our poop emoji game. When it comes to English speakers, Canada and Australia use it more than the United States. Only the U.K. uses it less. We do, however, use royalty (crown, princess) emoji twice as much as people in the U.K.—a country that actually has a monarchy. Ego check?

You can check out the full report here, and see how certain emoji are categorized and what they say about those who use them. You might want to study this before you commit to that eggplant emoji tattoo you’ve been meaning to get.