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Empire State Tattoo Expo Recap

On the weekend of July 10th tattoo artists and collectors made their way to the Midtown Hilton in NYC for the NY Empire State tattoo Expo presented by Inked Magazine. The talent per square inch managed to out do last year's convention held in Westchester, NY! If you passed by the Inked Magazine booth you may have caught a glimpse of Randy Engelhard working on the baby Jesus and Virgin Mary piece that won Best In Show. Just across the aisle you would have found Tattoo Nightmares, and Freshly Inked cover artist, Big Gus tattooing, while his wife Gypsy Rose took photos with fans. Golden State Tattoo Expo hosts, and two of our favorite West Coast based tattooers, Nikko Hurtado and Carlos Torres were also in attendance.

Before you check out the gallery below take a second to watch this video from The New York Post. Tattoo artist Stefano Alcantara and others dish about the strangest places they have tattooed someone and more. If you missed this year's event it this gallery will convince you not to make the same mistake in the future.