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Every Tattoo Collector Should Have This Style of Tattoo!

It's Arguably Less Painful Than Electric Tattooing

Since the discovery of Otzi and his 3000-year-old tattooed skin there have been a host of different styles that have evolved within in the culture of tattooing. And we're sure every collector has his or her favorite. Sometimes, what dictates what tattoo we are going to get revolves around the pain factor. Even hardcore tat enthusiasts will sometimes avoid a piece that involves the "ditch" of the arm, or the tender area around the ribs - these are both seriously painful spots. but hey, we are the first to admit that every style and technique of tattooing will hurt, no matter what! However, despite what looks like a brutal process, many argue this ancient technique is actually less painful than the modern day electric tattooing, and the results are amazing! Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about this tebori and let us know if you'd get this classic style of tattoo for yourself!


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