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Every Nerd's Dream Girl

Every young man that was raised on comic books and science fiction dreams of a beautiful woman who shares his same passion. For years it was impossible to think of a real-life instance of a woman like this. Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science was the closest example, but as we sadly noted, that was a movie. Then we learned about Christie Jay, today's Inked Girl of the Day.

Once we put pictures of the gorgeous Christie on our site we could feel the collective swooning of millions of nerds world wide. Posed in a minuscule Batman tee and boy shorts the voluptuous Christie showed us her amazing owl tattoo and equally impressive curves. Christie sat for 13 hours to get the Deftones inspired piece that means so much to her.

"It was the most painful, but the most fulfilling tattoo," Christie explains. "Yes, it is the Diamond Eyes owl, but the true reason for getting an owl is my Greek background. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, has an owl as her companion and guardian, and I believe my owl serves the same purpose."

You can get a good look at her owl companion and many more of her photos here. In fact, we were so smitten with Christie that we made her one of our digital dream girls. Soon, Christie hopes to add some more ink showing her love of comic books.

"I am planning on getting a Harley Quinn tattoo once I start tattooing my arms," Christie says. "I am very excited for this one, because she is the hottest babe on the planet to me! I own every comic she has put out so far. I think I secretly want to be her."

Hopefully when Christie talks about wanting to be like Harley Quinn she is referring to her quirky personality and bombshell looks, not her penchant for mayhem and evil. You can read more of Christie's thoughts and see all of her sexy photos here. If you think that you have what it takes to be the next Inked Girl of the Day submit your portfolio here.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear