Everything You Missed From the 2018 Oddities Flea Market


From Skulls to Taxidermy to Tattoos!

This weekend, the 2018 Oddities Flea Market was held at the Brooklyn Bazaar. The event invited oddities vendors and craftsmen from around thew world—with the festivities curated by master collector Ryan Matthew Cohn and his wife Regina Marie Cohn. The two-day event was packed with enthusiasts of the strange and unusual, drawing a diverse crowd of collectors and buyers both young and old. And with over 60 unique vendors across the venues three floors, there was truly something for everyone to admire. Not only were there skulls and skeletons galore, the special feature of the weekend was a flash tattoo event presented by Ryan and Matthew Murray of Black Veil Tattoo. Take a look at some of the highlights of the 2018 show and let us know in the comment section on Facebook if you were able to attend this haunting event.

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