Blood and Guts! The Horrors of Exploding Caskets


Don't Let Your Love Ones Become Another Coffin Casualty

Although these topics may be uncomfortable to discuss, it is important for everyone to understand the natural decomposition processes that will inevitably happen to every living organism. When you die, your body begins to dehydrate and over time, liquids and gases are released from your corpse. If you are buried in the ground, these substances will leak out of your casket and become absorbed by the ground's soil. However, if you're buried in a mausoleum, the process is a bit different. Most mausoleums stay up to date with ventilated and draining the bodies, however, if the casket is sealed too tightly, you run into the problem of exploding caskets. That's right, your casket could explode and here is what you need to know about preventing that from happening.

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