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Exclusive Premiere "The Art of Ink: Biomechanical"

Spike's New Tattoo Show Can Be Seen Here First

Crawl inside the mind of Paul Booth in this eight-minute look behind biomechanical tattoos. Yes, biomech, that dark and creepy art that we love so much. Speaking about making your spine tingle in this video you will visit Booth's Last Rites and see how Marco Velasquez and Jecc Croci marry man with machine.

Inked has worked with Spike on the venerable tattoo competition show Ink Master and we are proud to present more tattoo content from the channel that best speaks to our community. It's good for all of us when the right people are behind tattooed TV. Here's the mission of The Art of Ink: "Over the past few years, the popularity of tattoos has exploded across the world. We set off to explore the different individual styles of tattooing, what makes them unique and the artistry it takes to execute them. Each episode we’ll tackle a different style of tattooing, meet the top artists in each style and learn all about that particular genre from the people who are at the top of their craft."

On the next page you will be treated to an exclusive early release of the Biomechanical tattoo episode in full.

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Spike's "The Art of Ink: Biomechanical"

They’re dark and creepy - but also warm and inviting at the same time. Biomechanical tattoos give life to the human form, and artists Paul Booth, Marco Velasquez, and Jecc Croci will demonstrate just how.