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Exploded Vape Pen Causes Fatality in Florida

Who Knew Vape Pens Could Be Dangerous

A vape pen, vaporizer, or electronic cigarette is a device that is used to stimulate the feeling of smoking tobacco. It has picked up international popularity since their introduction in 2004, especially after being heavily promoted by apps like Vine and Instagram. They're often used as a tool for smokers to quit cigarettes, however, their longterm health effects are currently unknown. Yet, over the past several years, we have noticed several short term health consequences, particularly when a vape pen explodes. Exploding vape pens is unfortunately more common than you'd think and it often results in serious physical consequences. Just this past week, a Florida man passed away and this is considered to be the first reported death from an exploded vape pen. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about his sudden passing and let us know what you think about the fatal consequences of vaping in the comments section on Facebook.