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The Most Extreme Thing You Will See All Day

For 99.9% of the Earth's population BASE jumping—parachuting from a structure or cliff—is far too dangerous of an activity to take up. On the other hand, daredevil Josh Miramant needed to do something a little more intense to get the adrenaline rush that he was craving. Miramont climbed to the top of Ton Sai cliff with intentions of jumping off. Unlike other BASE jumpers he didn't put on a parachute. No, Miramont had the parachute hooked into his flesh.

Seeing people place hooks into their backs and dangle from them is certainly not a new trend. If you've ever attended a tattoo convention you've likely seen suspension performers. Hanging from a rope in the middle of a convention center is one thing, trusting your skin not to give way when the parachute deploys is an entirely different situation. In the first example you might break a bone or two and need some stitches; in the latter circumstance you will die. Period.

One would think that Miramant had been BASE jumping for decades before he decided to turn the extremeness up to 11, but you would be wrong. According to an interview with theDaily Mail Miramant had only been BASE jumping for three weeks. Sure, he had jumped an impressive 21 times during that time, but it's remarkable to see a relative novice be willing to do a jump like this one.

We must warn you before you watch the following video that it is very graphic. There's more than a little blood as Miramant has the hooks placed into his back. Blood also makes an appearance after Miramant successfully lands on the beach below. Yeah, I know, spoiler alert, but there's no way we would be applauding Miramant's tenacity if he had plummeted to his doom. We are in awe of Miramant's jump and give him a tip of the hat. That being said, please don't try this at home.