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Eyeball Tattoos Have Gone Viral

Folks Are Freaking Out Over Sclera Tattoos

Getting your eyeballs tattooed is a trend that has been gaining traction in recent years. For nearly a decade now, for one reason or another, individuals have been inking their scleras (or the white parts of the eyes) in a variety of colors—opting for black in most cases, because, well, it looks pretty awesome. As most unique ideas birthed in the tattoo community go, the artists make it and the mainstream takes it and breaks the Internet with it. And, the same happened with sclera tattoos recently when a South Carolina sheriff's department posted a photo – which has since gone viral – of an individual they apprehended who has her eyeballs tattooed.

 Sclera tattoos done by Dylan Riverdale.

Sclera tattoos done by Dylan Riverdale.

Eyeball Tattoos Are Sort of a Thing Already

Sydney, Australia-based body-mod artist, Luna Cobra, who credits himself with having invented the procedure of injecting ink directly into the white parts of the eyes confirmed that Varn’s eyes were indeed tattooed—also claiming that the trend is really big in prisons, so she may have gotten them done during a previous stint behind the bricks. “People from all walks of life get the eyeball tattoo,” however, Cobra stated.

Sara Night Sure Knows How to Rock Her Sclera Tats

He Smiles with His Eyes Too

Although he prides himself in stating that he invented the eyeball tattoo, as is evident from his Instagram page, Cobra does however lament that the procedure has gotten out of hand in some instances where untrained artists have attempted to replicate the procedure resulting in them permanently blinding of clients. Something that he’s been trying to rectify since he first heard that this was happening.

Sclera Tattoos Come in all Colors

VIDEO: Sclera Tattoo Being Applied

A sclera tattoo being done professionally by Vlad Bodmodov.

“I have tried to reach out to various government agencies to suggest they ban the eyeball tattoo so the uneducated miscreants that offer this tattoo will no longer be able to blind people,” Cobra says. “So far I have had very little luck with getting legislation on this.”