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Face Transplants! Images Both Horrifying and Inspiring!

Surgeons Gave Them a New Face and a New Life!

Medicine has come a long way and for some it has given them a new lease on life. Although all the people in this article are grateful to be alive they have all suffered incredible amounts of physical and mental pain.
The devastation that was reeked upon their bodies, especially their faces made every day a living nightmare. They were constantly reminded of the horrific situation that scarred them and society at large many time branded them as “monsters”.
Thankfully they had the strength to carry on. To push forward and have received face transplants. As we celebrate their new lease on life, take a minute to be thankful for your lot and be mindful that there still are many more people out there who are terribly disfigured though injury and illness.

 Lower jaw to be used in face transplant. Photo via a-s-r-t