Famous Instagrammer Accidently Livestreams While Having Sex!


Now That’s Sexy Social Media!

Okay, we’ve all pocket dialed. Sometimes we’ve even pocket dialed at inappropriate moments; maybe in the midst of an argument or going to the bathroom…or maybe even while talking trash about someone!

Well, social media star and all-around hottie Kristen Hancher has already — at the young age of 18 — fallen victim to the ultimate (self-imposed) act of social media embarrassment. It appears, well not really appears, it absolutely happened, Kristen was sharing an intimate experience with her boyfriend Andrew Gregory, when she realized that she had accidentally gone live on Instagram. Unfortunately, it took 3 minutes before she realized that her most private of moments were no longer private.

For fans of Kristen and for those who are just fans of hot 18-year-olds, here’s a 20-pic video that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.30.26 PM

Photo via instagram