Sink Your Teeth into This Fancy Footwear


When you think of "custom tattoos," you're usually thinking about a piece inked just for the individual wearer, something nobody else in the world has. Well, as with most commissioned art, that uniqueness can pass from medium to medium, and in this case, it can pass from custom tattoos to one of a kind tattoo shoes.

The well known shoe brand Adidas has just released a custom, one of a kind pair of shoes for Barcelona football (soccer) player Luis Suarez, and these rockin' kicks were designed with tattoos in mind. Playing upon traditional rose and skull imagery, these shoes were designed to represent a love/hate duality reflected in the opposing aesthetics of each shoe. The "hate" shoe features a horror style skull whose face and pearly white teeth take up the majority of the shoe's body, whereas the complimentary "love" shoe is adorned with illustrative roses and a third eye. While both shoes uphold the classic bold outlines and limited color palette of American traditional tattooing, this is one of the first major instances where a design for something other than a tattoo itself features multiple common tattoo aesthetics beyond just the ones Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy made famous. Apart form incorporating horror and illustrative styles, the shoes also feature some commonly used motifs in blackwork tattooing, such as mandalas and the pattern found in the flower of life.

Tattoos are typically viewed as statement pieces in society, so Adidas created the "Love/Hate" shoes as part of the "There Will Be Haters" line, a fashion-fronted F-U to all those who feel the need to hate upon petty concerns in both the alternative and sports realms. Adidas opted to give the signature, one of a kind pair to Suarez, a player already known for his rebellious, out-of-the-box nature, such as chomping down on his opponents. Controversy has already arisen over the shoes before Suarez has even hit the field as they are thought to be 'outrageous' in comparison to the more traditional monochromatic pieces usually found on footballers' feet.

Haters gonna hate, but players gonna play, so we say "Right on!" to Suarez and Adidas and look forward to seeing those fun, flashy feet on the field!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "La Mort De Coeur" Necklace by Alchemy of England

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "La Mort De Coeur" Necklace by Alchemy of England