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Fans are Showing Love For Fiona the Hippo with Tattoos

Would You Get a Tattoo of the Gentle Giant?

Stop everything you're doing, because yesterday was Fiona the Hippo's first birthday. That's right, the adorable and charismatic hippo that stole 2017 celebrated her first birthday at the Cincinnati zoo, which also happened to be the home of Harambe the Gorilla. And despite only having spent 365 days around the sun, she's already gained an impressive fanbase of animal lovers around the world. From memes to t-shirts to ice-cream, Fiona the Hippo's smiling face is everywhere imaginable. She's even inspired a handful of incredible tattoos by a variety of talented artists. Check out the amazing tattoos of Instagram that feature Fiona and let us know in the comments section on Facebook what you think of these animalistic designs. Hippo horray!