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Fast-Foodies Rejoice, The McDonald's Secret Menu Exists!

For fast food fans rumors of the McDonald's secret menu have been the thing of legend for years. The rumored menu contained some of the greatest tributes to American excess imaginable—a big mac with eight patties (the Monster Mac), a combination breakfast/lunch sandwich (the Mc 10:35) and even a sandwich containing fish, chicken and beef (the Land, Sea and Air Burger). After years of rumors it's time for fast-foodies to rejoice; unlike Atlantis this legend is real.

In a Reddit AMA on Saturday a McDonald's employee revealed that all of the items on the coveted secret menu could be ordered for real. Unlike other fast food restaurants, most notably In N Out, the secret menu wasn't something created by the behemoth fast food chain. Instead it evolved over the years as patrons got creative with their orders and shared those creations with others. The general public became aware of the secret menu when #HacktheMenu shared many of the decadent dishes with the Internet.

The unnamed manager explains that as long as you are willing to pay for the extra ingredients even the most extravagant orders can be prepared as "grill orders." Cash really is king. Of course, there's a good chance that the employees may not know the colorful nickname an item has been given so make sure you know exactly what you want before you order.

As someone who was once kicked out of a Dairy Queen for asking them to make me a blizzard using Cadbury eggs (that I had brought with me since they aren't on the usual menu) I find it refreshing that McDonald's will honor the creativity of their customers. Check out some of the secret menu items in the gallery below. Here's a pro tip for those of you wanting to get a little crazy—I have yet to see any items that work McNuggets into them.