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Feeling Foxy

Today's tattoo of the day was done by the incredibly talented Augis! Augis has only been tattooing professionally for about five years, however he got his start initially at the age of 16. Now based in a private studio in Lithuania, Augis first hit the tattoo scene working at G's Tattoo and Body Piecing in Ireland.

Today's tattoo features this adorable little fox in front of a beautiful, bright green background. With such a rich kelly green used in the piece, you can see how working in Ireland has greatly influenced Augis' color palette. The high level of color saturation is wonderfully carried throughout the entire piece and really pops off of the skin. Best known for his color realism, Augis knocked this little guy out of the park. The tattooed fox's fur looks so natural and the fox's face also carries the signature sly expression people tend to associate with the stereotypical fox.

Apart from the gorgeous green background, Augis also adds hints of shrubbery and flowers to really give the piece that woodsy feel without overwhelming or cluttering the tattoo. These subtle background details really help to highlight the foreground, too, as the whites of the flowers pick up the white highlights in the fox's eyes and fur. This is definitely one of our favorite pieces that Augis has ever done.

For more amazing tattoos by Augis, make sure to check out his artist's page right here. And if you want to see more adorable fox tattoos, check out some of our favorites right here.

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