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12 Feminist Tattoos That Scream Girl Power

burning bra tattoo

via narniatattoos

Feminism means different things to different people. One way a feminist might be described is someone who strives to challenge traditional gender roles and fights for the societal, monetary, and bureaucratic equality of both sexes.

A feminist works to advance the rights of everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic standing, or gender identification. Feminists were once disparaged for being "man-hating bra-burners," which is depicted quite literally in the above tattoo art.

But in reality they come from all demographics, from single mothers to multi-million dollar entertainers. Over the past few years, some of the highest earning celebrities have openly spoken about their feminist ideals—including Beyoncé and Emma Watson—which has made it easier for women of all backgrounds to stand up for their rights.

Feminism has made it possible for women to break out of societal norms. We are even able to see this progress for equality in the tattoo world. Before the 21st century, an extremely small percentage of women had tattoos because women were told that their bodies should remain pure and that a women with tattoos couldn't be classy or beautiful. Yet through feminism, women have defied this stereotype and proved that a women can have tattoos and be feminine, smart, and successful.

Tattoos have allowed women to take control of their own identities and helped give them a voice in changing society's perception of how a woman should look and behave. As time goes on, we can expect for more and more women to have tattoos and hopefully one day, tattoo discrimination will be a thing of the past for both genders. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite tattoos that promote feminism and raise awareness about universal equality.