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Fidget Spinners and Comfort Cubes Will Change Your Life

What is a fidget spinner? What is a comfort cube? Do they help you focus? And Where You Can Buy Them?

If your kid asks for a fidget spinner or a comfort cube, you better get two—because you are going to become attached to it. These new handheld fidget toys enhance focus, curtail anxiety and promote cognitive performance. Fidget spinners and cubes are ideal for people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD and concentration problems as the simple act of playing with them satisfies urges that prevent you from maximizing your time. It is an inexpensive and wonderful sensory outlet.

Do you (or someone you care about) a fidgeter? A hair twirler? Foot tapper? A nail biter? A, hey what’s that over there? A fidget spinner or comfort cube will change your life, and save your hair and your cuticles. You know what they say about idle hands...don’t let them bring you down by occupying your free fingers with a simple and soothing task.

For someone with ADHD is it important not to quell the fidget. The New York Times reported on a concentration study, “the more intensely that the children with ADHD wiggled and fidgeted the more accurate their answers were.” Dr Julie Schweitzer, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the MIND Institute at the University of California, Davis told the Times. “‘Hyperactivity appears to be a mechanism for cognitive self-regulation.’ These results suggest that hyperactivity is fundamentally beneficial for children with attention deficits, Dr. Schweitzer said, and probably developed to help them cope with their inability otherwise to focus.”

Fidget spinners and comfort cubes are “worry stones” or stress balls 2.0. We first became aware of fidget spinners when friend’s children were playing with them and now we can’t imagine getting through a workday without one. In fact Forbes named fidget spinners “The Must-Have Office Toy for 2017.” “Wholeheartedly recommend them for keeping a fidgeter's heart at ease,” Popular Mechanics also lauded.

What is a fidget spinner? It is either a triangular or plank-shaped toy with a bearing in the center—like a skate wheel. One simply spins the toy on its axis—either on a finger or a flat surface—sometimes for north of five minutes. The spinner makes a pleasing, low noise and sends a satisfying vibration throughout your hand. Once more proficient with the spinner many people try tricks like rotating the spinner through different fingers or throwing and catching them while they are still spinning.

What is a comfort cube? A comfort cube is a magical little box with different types of sensory buttons one can press. The box has a switch, a rolling ball, a crank, a joystick and more knobs to fidget with. It is a rubix cube on steroids. Best yet, the cube is light in weight and can fit easily in one’s pocket so you can fidget and stash and repeat.

For anyone who has trouble focusing or sitting still, these two fidget toys will upgrade your life. Personally we’ve seen children’s schoolwork improve and Inked employees’ productivity has increased since these have been kicking around the office. Are you ready to get more done? Click below to start your new, focused life, with spinners you can't fin in your local stores.