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Filip Leu Body Pieces

Filip Leu, a third-generation artist and second-generation tattooer, has become world renowned for his tattoo body suits. Together with his parents he created "The Leu Family's Family Iron Studio and Museum" in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982.

Check out some of Filip Leu's incredible tattoo body suits below!


Bow to the Horned Skull!


The Giant Koi swims many ponds!


Geisha vs. Dragon! Ready, set, FIGHT!


This Foo Dog brings you the Flower of Life!


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Beware of the curse of the three-eyed skull!


The meaning of the Tibetan skull tattoo is impermanence.

Filip Leu-Tibetan Skull Back Piece

The Japanese hannya mask is specifically used to represent a vengeful and jealous woman.


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The Japanese Oni is said to be of a dual nature, meaning its powers can be good or evil, depending on if it likes the subject it attaches itself to. We're going to bet this one's evil!


Even in black-and-grey, the blossoms, butterflies, and waves in this body suit are VIBRANT!


The Mighty Dragon rests but will rise again!


The Chinese Foo Dog, Fu Dog or Lion Dog are guardian creatures that combine the ferocity of a lion with the loyalty of mans most trusted canine.


This jade and gold Japanese hannya back piece is mezmerizing!

Filip Leu-Tibetan Gold and Grey Back Piece

Puff the magic dragon!

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